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How long do car park line markings last?

Car parks are important to business. They bring as many people as safely possible into one area, help those people move around easily, and increase accessibility to those with disabilities or with electric vehicles too.

Key to all of the above is effective car park line markings to clearly identify the boundaries of a parking bay, drop-off areas, no-park zones, direction of traffic, disabled spaces and so much more!

And whilst as shoppers we may take those car park markings for granted, regular maintenance and upkeep of them are critical to the businesses that rely on it.

So how long do those car park line markings last? There are a few factors at play.

Traffic and footfall

As with anything, the more you use it, the faster it will need replacing. The same is true of car park line markings where the more often they’re travelling over, the faster they will begin to chip and fade away.

You will notice this in larger car parks where spaces at the back might have brighter paint whilst those closest to the shop entrance will fade.

Car parks that see more short-stay visits are also more likely to require frequent maintenance too. It’s not how long a car is parked in the bay, it’s how often that bay is driven into!


Rain, baking heat, ice, thawing, grit… almost all weather conditions produce wear and tear on our road surfaces - especially line markings.

This is often evident when comparing multistorey car parks with outdoor parking lots and why indoor spaces often seem to have brighter clearer bays.

Paint quality

Buy cheap… buy twice! Or in the very least, repaint more than you may otherwise need to.

The quality of materials used for your car park markings will massively impact how long they last before needing to be repainted. Quality materials such as thermoplastics can last a lot longer and are less likely to fade too.

Maintain your car park with the best line marking paint

At Lineway UK, we stock the leading road marking products including ready-to-go car park line marking paint.

Our range includes MMA cold plastic paint which can be hand-applied, primer and sealer, MMA spray kits, epoxy line marking paint and our ever-popular solvent-based acrylic line marking paint.

Browse our entire range with seven colour options available right here.


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