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Motorists increasingly concerned by faded road markings

A recent report has highlighted an increasing concern amongst motorists around the safety consequences of faded road markings. And with councils tightening their belts, there's less cash floating around to keep our roads in their best, most safe, condition. 

The importance of line markings and visibility

Road markings are the unsung heroes of the roads. They are crucial for safe driving, providing essential guidance and information to motorists. Their significance escalates during adverse weather conditions, where visibility is reduced, and the risk of accidents increases. Line markings delineate lanes, inform drivers of safe passing zones, and warn of upcoming hazards, playing a pivotal role in the smooth flow of traffic and prevention of collisions.

There is also a legal question when it comes to faded markings. The responsibility falls on local authorities to ensure road markings are clearly visible, as mandated by various road traffic regulations. Faded line markings can lead to confusion, endangering both drivers and pedestrians.

The role of high-quality line marking paint

The longevity and durability of road markings are directly influenced by the quality of the line marking paint used. Advances in paint technology have led to the development of products that offer enhanced durability, requiring less frequent maintenance and ultimately saving money over time. 

For instance, thermoplastic markings are pretty much the gold standard. They're tougher, last longer, and mean roads don't need a touch-up as often. That's good news for everyone, from council budgets to daily commuters.

Choosing long-lasting line marking paint from Lineway UK

If you're fed up with playing guess-the-lane, Lineway UK's range of high-quality line marking paints are just the solution! Stock up on our line marking paint here.


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