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Different types of car park line marking paint

When it comes to painting line markings on your new car park, it’s important to select the right type of line marking material for the job.

There are a few different options available, each with its own benefits.

Here’s a look at five of the key choices available in the UK:

Hot applied thermoplastic

One of the most popular line marking materials, used for around 95% of the UK’s public road markings, hot thermoplastic comes in a range of colours with white the most popular.

Hot thermoplastic is applied through screed, spray or extrusion equipment by a specialist contractor and is suitable for outdoor use on a bitumen road surface, such as asphalt or tarmac.

Road marking paint

Standard road marking paint is either water-based or and solvent-based and is typically used for car parks, warehouses, distribution centres, shipping ports, airfield runways and race tracks with its low profile and anti-slip properties which can be achieved with use of anti-slip aggregates. It is a more environmentally-friendly option compared to other line marking choices on this list, and it is often used for small to medium sized jobs thanks to its easy application and a wide choice of colours.

MMA cold plastic

MMA cold plastic road marking paint is a cold applied 2 part paint that has some of the benefits of both traditional road paint and thermoplastic. It’s very durable and holds its colour well, making it ideal for high-traffic zones such as roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and also car parks. As it is applied cold, it fries quickly so is perfect for jobs with a quick turnaround requirement.

Pre-formed thermoplastic

Pre-formed thermoplastics are fantastic for adding symbols and road signage to your car park without the need for intricate paintwork. These come pre-made and cut to the shape you want, from disabled signs to enter and exit road markings too. Can be expensive, but faster to apply with a gas torch.


Line marking rolls, or tape, is really easy to apply and remove when no longer needed. A temporary solution, tapes are suitable for smooth surfaces indoors or out, but won’t work with traditional road surfaces such as asphalt. Car park markings of this type are great for events such as festivals or markets where you want to denote parking spaces, but only for a short period of time.

Decided which is best for your project? Then shop our range of car park line marking paint here.


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