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Bespoke playground markings

Thermoplastic markings are an essential part of every school playground. We can supply playground markings that can transform plain tarmac into a colourful, vibrant play area with a variety of traditional games, trails and courts. 

Our thermoplastic playground marking products are non-toxic, extremely durable and last up to five times longer than painted markings. We design, supply, and install any playground markings that you require. We use top quality pre-formed thermoplastics that are cut on our computer-aided machine to your individual specification.

Anchor playground

2 way hopscotch

Two-player Hopscotch with a turn in the middle of the game, using 300mm or 400mm squares.

snakes and ladders.png

Snakes & Ladders

The traditional game of Snakes & Ladders. A great game for children of all ages.


Children can choose to play with traditional rules or make up their own. The game brightens up any tarmac.

Alphabet tree

Colourful tree with the 26 letters of the alphabet on individual leaves.

A fantastic learning aid to teach children the alphabet whilst having fun and keeping fit. Children can make up their own words by running and jumping from leaf to leaf.

alphabet tree.png

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