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MMA cold plastic road marking paint: benefits & uses

MMA cold plastic paint is the hero of the road marking industry. It’s one of the most durable line marking paints available which makes it a firm favourite with councils and contractors alike.

MMA, or methyl methacrylate, paint is a two-component surface marking system known for its durability and is widely used across the UK and in Europe.

The next time you arrive at a junction or roundabout and there are road markings or information boxes on the road, it’s likely you’re looking at MMA cold plastic paint!

MMA cold plastic paint benefits

The main benefits relating to MMA cold plastic road marking paints are to do with its durability compared to other marking materials.

Paint lasting longer means that areas of road can be left alone for longer. Road marking fade over time and need refreshing / replacing to ensure they’re still visible and aiding road users. With MMA paint, the time between refreshes is increased, especially useful for critical roads and high-traffic areas to reduce disruption.

Cold plastic paint can also be applied above already-fading thermoplastic markings and can easily be applied using a hand mould and also cure very quickly.

Because of its durability, MMA cold plastic paint is more expensive than other line marking paints, but the lifetime cost of the material and maintenance is reduced.

Where is MMA cold plastic paint used?

MMA cold plastic paint is most often used for areas of road that see the most usage.

This includes:

  • Highways, especially junctions and slip roads

  • Cycle routes where clear markings are needed at all times

  • Car parks, especially in high-use areas like entrances and exits

  • Normal roads in urban areas to reduce maintenance time

Buy MMA cold plastic paint

Looking to buy MMA cold plastic line marking paint for your next project? Then you’re already in the right place!

Lineway UK stocks a range of market-leading line marking paints, including:

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