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Lineway UK MMA Spray Kit



Methyl Methacrylate or cold applied plastic paint is a two-component line marking paint. It is quick drying and extremely durable.

Important - The 2nd component (reactive beads x 20 kgs) is applied after spraying the paint. The hardening process will start after applying the correct amount of reactive beads (included in the kit). The beads are coated with a hardener.



  • Highly durable
  • Cold applied and quick drying
  • Excellent day and night visibility
  • Excellent skid resistance


Best uses

Highways, major roads, car parks, concrete, walkways and other high traffic areas.


Surface preparation and application

Please see the product technical data sheet.


Health and Safety (Important)

Please see the product safety data sheets prior to application.


Technical Data Sheets

  • Coming soon

Lineway UK MMA Spray Kit - MMA 1 x 25 kgs and Beads 2 x 20 kgs

PriceFrom £246.68
Excluding VAT
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