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How to choose a line marking paint supplier

Your calendar is stacked full of urgent road maintenance jobs, and the inbox is full of new quote requests too.

Running a road marking or maintenance business can be hectic with lots of moving parts. So, the last thing you need is materials that aren’t up to scratch or suppliers letting you down with late or no-show deliveries.

If you’re on the lookout for a new line marking paint supplier, then here are some things to look out for.

A comprehensive product range

Ordering products from lots of different suppliers increases the chance that orders will arrive late or some items may be missing. It also means more invoices to file, sort, and settle!

Great line marking paint suppliers will stock a range of products in one place so you can get everything you need for future jobs, from MMA cold plastic paints to solvent-based acrylics

Shop Lineway’s full range of line marking paints here.

Great reviews and testimonials

Any business can claim on its website that they have hundreds of happy customers. But where’s the proof in the pudding?

To see how trustworthy ad reliable a line marking paint provider is, take the time to check out their testimonials and external reviews on Google or Trustpilot.

Also, investigate their case studies too. Businesses that take time out of their day to provide a line marking paint supplier with case study materials (such as pictures and quotes) have to be highly motivated to do so - as in, very happy with the service!

Flexible delivery options

You need materials fast… especially if a new urgent job has come in or the one you’re already working on needs more paint than first thought.

That’s why you need to know your line marking paint provider can get the materials you need to the place you need them - whether that’s your depot or direct to site - in 24 hours or less.

Strong values

The best companies have a set of values they believe in, and they work to live up to them every day.

That can be fairness, or providing value. A complete customer-first approach and a desire to build long-term relationships.

At Lineway, for example, we’re a family-run company with strong ethical values, making a business model that creates a win-win for all stakeholders derived from consistent and great service.

Discover The Lineway Difference

If you are on the hunt for a new line marking paint provider, then we truly believe you’re already in the right place.

At Lineway, we know customers need quality products at reasonable prices and with a delivery structure that genuinely works for them. This is where Lineway UK is different. We offer delivery 24/7, rain or shine, night or day - all managed by us.

No haggling with couriers or delivery companies. Need an amendment to your order on the morning of delivery? We can sort it. Supplies are needed on-site in the evening to keep a project on track? That's not a problem either. We can even make scheduled visits to update your stock!


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