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“Lineway UK’s MMA is one of the best I’ve used in over 10 years"

Lineway UK is delighted to announce its partnership with Mansfield-based APS - and our MMA paint has proved to be a hit on the job.

Advanced Painting Solutions (APS) Ltd is a professional line marking company, run by two dynamic directors - Aaron and Adam Evason. They have over 10 years of experience in the line-marking industry and, as you can see from the photographs, their work is of an extremely high finish.

On this occasion, APS Ltd used our hand applied MMA paint which is of high quality and is reasonably priced. Our personable customer service and tailored quotes seemed to have impressed APS Ltd!

Aaron Evason – “Lineway UK’s MMA is one of the best I’ve used in over 10 years. It dries a lot faster and performs well, even in the cold.”

With such a high finish job, we are honoured to be a proud supplier to APS Ltd.

Have a line marking job that needs completing? We would highly recommend getting in touch with APS Ltd for a free and no-obligation quote!

Contact them via email - or call them on - 07846 472 419

With APS Ltd’s quality workmanship and competitive quotes and; Lineway UK’s high-quality supplies at reasonable prices, the end customer gets a top-quality job while their cost stays low.


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