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5 big line marking benefits

There are certain things that we’ve become so used to that we take them for granted. Being able to speak to anyone in the world from a handheld device, online shopping, Deliveroo and having hundreds of TV channels to pick from too.

And we can also count (typically) good quality roads in that list too, with clearly visible line markings to guide the way.

Road markings first became a thing back in 1918 when some roads were painted with a single white line to mark the centre and create lanes. And over the coming decade, they began to adorn most major highways in the land.

So, whilst a I appreciate it’s a little left field, we could include road markings as one of the things we now take for granted!

But why are they so important? Here’s a look at just five of the big benefits.


The first and most important benefit of line markings is that they improve safety. From marking which lane is which to informing where overtaking isn’t safe, line markings keep drivers moving in the right direction, at the right speed and in the correct place on the road.


Line markings can help make locations more efficient too. Think about your local supermarket car park. Without line markings, cars would park in an unorderly way and too far away from each other, reducing the overall capacity of the car park itself.


Overlapping with safety and efficiency, line marking is also extremely useful for guidance. This can be on public highways, such as indicating that a certain lane will turn left whilst the other carries straight on. But line markings can also support guidance in warehouse settings, where one lane is reserved for vehicles and another for people.


We love the look of fresh new line markings here at Lineway - as you’d expect! They’re often one of the last tasks to complete, but a business investing millions in a new industrial zone, or completing a new apartment complex or hotel, won’t want the first impression for visitors and customers to be a tired-looking drive!


And if the first four big benefits of line markings weren’t enough, then a legal requirement to do so should be!

HSE law dictates that certain line markings must be in place, and they must be clearly visible and not fading. Unclear markings in car parks, industrial park lanes or even an airport runway can lead to damage and danger to life. Best to brush up on the regulations, just to be sure!

Need to touch up some existing line markings on your premises? Then explore our range of line marking paints here.


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