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Hitex HiTac Primer Aerosol



A low viscosity colourless liquid primer aerosol used on concrete and other low texture surfaces to aid the adhesion of thermoplastic materials. 


Best uses

Concrete and asphalt.


Surface preparation and application 

1. Make sure the substrate is dry, solid and free of dust, fat, oil and any other surface contaminants.

2. Shake the can well before use. 

3. Point the spray nozzle at ground approximately 20 cm from the substrate.

4. Press down on trigger and apply in an even sweeping motion, applying directly to the area desired. 

5. Leave for 5-10 mins or until fully cured before overlaying with thermoplastic material for best results. 


Health and Safety (Important)

Please see product safety data sheets prior to application.


Technical Data Sheets

Hitex HiTack Primer Aerosol (600ml)

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