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Why now is the right time to start planning road marking maintenance

Road markings are essential for the safety of all who use the road, including motorists and pedestrians. However, they don’t last forever. Over time they begin to fade and if they don’t receive proper maintenance, they won’t be able to do their crucial job of instructing road users on how to correctly navigate highways.

Road markings fade for several reasons. It’s mainly due to time – the paint is not meant to last forever. However, certain circumstances can speed up the fading process, particularly when the weather gets cold. Winter often brings snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, causing the road markings to fade faster. On top of that, the salt trucks and snowploughs used during this time can scrape off the paint. This all leads to faded road markings that need some serious upkeep.

With so much fading in winter, it makes sense to plan road marking maintenance for spring and summer - which is when weather conditions are also more favourable to complete larger road refresh works.

The benefits of road marking maintenance in spring and summer

If you are responsible for road marking maintenance, starting your planning in late winter and early spring is a good idea to ensure all upkeep gets dealt with at the right time. There are several reasons for this.

The main benefit of road marking upkeep during spring and summer is that the weather is on your side. While winter is generally wet and windy, spring and summer offer drier, calmer weather to help make the job as smooth as possible. Plus, with all the hardships the road markings have gone through over the winter, it makes sense to ensure they are in good condition once spring rolls around.

Remember that while it’s always better to maintain road markings in spring and summer, you can still do it in winter. You just need the right equipment – a thermal lance or gas torch is useful for doing the job while it’s wet, as it can dry small areas. Ideally, you would only maintain road markings in the winter when necessary, such as if the road markings are faded and therefore dangerous for road users.

The importance of quality materials

While all road markings fade over time, some last longer than others, and it’s all down to the equipment and paints you use. At Lineway UK, we stock some of the most durable paint to ensure less maintenance is necessary and roads stay safer for longer.

Quality line markings are cost-effective in the long run too. Not only do we offer great prices to purchase in bulk right now, but high-quality materials last longer and don’t require as frequent maintenance works.

Refresh road markings in Spring and Summer

Refreshing road markings in the summertime is easier, faster, safer, and simply makes the most sense – you’ll have less hassle, and it will be a time when the roads need it most. Spring is fast approaching, so now is a great time to start planning road maintenance activities. Lineway UK’s line marking paint will ensure the roads stay safe for longer.


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