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Why car park line markings are important

Line markings are incredibly important wherever they’re applied, and car parks are no exception.

Any area with a high density of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic are potential hotspots for accidents, and line markings have a vital role to play in helping ensure the safety of both drivers and those walking to and from their cars.

Here’s a look at some of the key reasons as to why car park line markings are so important.

They guide drivers

First of all, car park line markings help to guide drivers as to where they need to go. Multi-storey car parks in particular can be a maze to get into and then get out of again, and line markings help guide drivers in which direction to go.

They protect pedestrians

As noted in the intro, car parks tend to have a high density of both vehicles and pedestrians, and mixing the two in an unorganised way can be dangerous. Line markings help to distinguish the different zones for both drivers and pedestrians, guiding those walking to or leaving their cars as to where they can safely walk.

Increased capacity

Car parks make money, and the more cars they can pack into a plot of land, the more money they can make. Car parks without any bay markings tend to see lower total capacity as drivers will naturally tend to park farther away from the next car to give themselves more space to get out. Painted bays help to ensure that more cars can park in the car park, but at a distance that still allows for easy (enough entry and exits).

Not all parking bays are for all vehicles

Line marking and road markings in car parks, in general, have become more important as government legislation has insisted on a certain capacity in any car park for certain drivers, such as disabled and also family parking spots. The modern age now also includes electric vehicle charging bays, whilst inner-city parking lots could also have parking spots that are reserved for a business or local residents.

Improve your car park line marking

Is your car park starting to look a little faded? Improve safety, flow and capacity with our range of line marking paints.

Car park line marking paint needs to be durable, highly visible and include anti-slip technology. Lineway UK stocks the leading road marking products including our range of ready-to-use car park line marking paints.


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