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We’ve expanded our product range!

It’s been a busy first half of the year here at Lineway and we’ve been delighted to work with some fantastic new customers and industry partners.

To help our customers get even more of the products they need all in one place and continue benefiting from The Lineway Difference, we’ve expanded our product range with four new items!

Here’s a brief look at what we’ve added to our store:

Single Pack Epoxy Line Marking Paint

A single pack epoxy line marking paint. This paint is chemical resistant and is made particularly for concrete.

Glass Bead Dispenser

Mechanical operated dispenser. One hand operation allows swinging motion to evenly spread the beads.

Gas Torch

600mm Gas torch kit (with regulator) for application of thermoplastic tape and overbanding.

Hand Moulds

Very good quality hand moulds for the application of thermoplastic paint and cold plastic. Shorter handle and light weight gives easier manoeuvrability.

Explore our full range of line marking paint here.


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