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We're cutting trade prices to help with the soaring cost of business

The cost of living crisis is biting for all of us, and we know that our customers are feeling the squeeze more than most as fuel, energy and supplies all see big price rises.

At Lineway, we want to help.

Instead of increasing the costs of our line marking products, we've actually cut trade prices on some of our most popular items.


Because The Lineway Difference is all about ensuring our customers get the best products, delivered with the best service, at a truly competitive price.

We hope that by trusting us as your primary line marking materials supplier, you will become more competitive as a business, either as you will be able to continue charging your current fees whilst competitors may be increasing them, or by helping maintain your margins whilst costs increase in other areas of your business.

Here's a look at some of the newly-lowered trade products available right now:

Solvent based Acrylic - 25 Kgs - White

Previous £85.96

Now £81.17

Bulk £72.77

MMA Spray with Beads - White

Previous £260.10

Now £223.56

Bulk £208.14

MMA Hand Applied - 18 kgs - White

Previous £5.50 per kg

Now £4.35 per kg

Bulk £3.84 per kg

Primer - 20 Litres

Previous £7 per litre

Now £5.81 per litre

Bulk £5.42 per litre

Are you looking for a new line marking paint supplier?

Here at Lineway UK, our focus is on building long-term relationships based on trust - derived from consistent great service and a desire to always focus on what's right for our stakeholders.

Discover more about The Lineway Difference here.

To benefit from our newly-lowered trade prices, get in touch on our contact form here.


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