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Should you ever fix road markings yourself? This man in Knutsford did!

A man in Knutsford, Cheshire, so concerned about the lack of line markings on a busy stretch of road approaching a roundabout sorted the issue himself!

Peter Sharratt, a 71-year-old resident of Knutsford, took it upon himself to paint road markings leading to a roundabout on the junction of Manchester Road and Northwich Road. He was motivated to do so after observing numerous near misses due to drivers' confusion. According to Sharratt, the initial road markings were removed approximately a year prior during maintenance and had not been re-applied.

Having lived in the town for many years, Sharratt expressed his frustration over the council's inaction, stating that the only sign indicating the absence of road markings was a red sign placed near the roundabout. He had previously written to the local authority regarding the matter but was met with a vague reply that did not provide a timeline for the reinstatement of the markings.

Taking matters into his own hands, he purchased spray paint and donned a high-visibility jacket to apply the markings himself at 4:30am on a Sunday morning, using his car and four traffic cones for protection whilst he re-applied the markings.

The dangers of DIY roadwork

While Sharratt's intentions came from a place of genuine concern, his actions highlight the grave risks of attempting to modify or repair 'live' roads without professional expertise. Roads, especially busy junctions, are inherently dangerous places, and even with precautions like traffic cones and a high-vis jacket, the risk of accidents remains high.

Cheshire East Council responded by stating that while they recognise Sharratt's intentions might have been well-meaning, his actions were perilous, endangering himself and other motorists. They also highlighted that the responsibility for any resulting incidents would lie with Sharratt. The council has planned to reapply the road markings and conduct additional repairs by the end of the month.

While community members like Sharratt might feel driven to take action in the face of perceived council inaction, it's essential to remember that road safety is a job best left to the experts.


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