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Expanded Summer Product Range!

It’s been a beautiful start to the summer so far in the UK, and things are hotting up on our website too with a range of brand new products!

To support our mission to help our clients get more of what they need all in one place, our latest product release includes all the line marking accessories you’ll need to plan and prep your next job.

They include:

Crayon Chalks - 1 box (12 Sticks)

Crayons for marking layouts for road marking. Can be used to colour in temporarily. Available in white and yellow from £8.99.

Thermoplastic Colour Pods

These dye / colour pods give the required colour for thermoplastic without the need of stocking on different coloured thermoplastic. These were developed to be less messy than the normal dye / colour sachets.

One pack will colour 1 x 20 kgs of thermoplastic, available in red, black, blue and green. Prices start from £3.80.

Gaffer Tape / Cloth Tape - Silver

Get your lines sharp as razor with this easy-tear cloth tape. Eas to tear with negligible residue. Waterproof, ready for indoor or outdoor use. Costs £3.17.

French Chalk Sticks - 1 box (36 Sticks)

Square chalk sticks For marking our layouts for line / road marking. High-quality, hard, white soapstone chalk that leaves a long-lasting wax-like mark. Removable from non-porous surfaces and cost £10.20.

MMA Cold Plastic Paint - Hand Applied - 18 Kgs (New Colours Available Now)

Methyl Methacrylate or cold-applied plastic paint is a two-component line marking paint. It is quick-drying and extremely durable. Now available in even more colours including white, yellow, black, red, blue and green from £87.46.


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