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Permanent road marking paint: what’s the longest-lasting line marking paint you can buy?

In the miles of roadways that crisscross our cities and towns, the longevity of road markings is more important than you might initially think. Road markings not only guide and direct traffic but also contribute significantly to road safety. The longer these markings last, the greater the benefits – an extended lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and, most importantly, an enhanced level of safety on our roads. 

Can you get line marking paint that lasts forever? And if not, what's the longest-lasting line marking paint you can buy? Let’s find out. 

Does permanent road marking paint exist?

The term "permanent" might mislead, as there is no road paint that remains impervious to the passage of time. A tiny piece of tarmac in a hermetically sealed box might see its line markings survive a few centuries. But in the real world, all road paints inevitably fade, but the key lies in finding paints with superior durability. 

While true permanence is elusive, some line marking paint materials boast remarkable longevity, outshining their counterparts in the face of wear and tear.

Factors influencing longevity

Understanding the factors that influence the lifespan of line marking paint is pivotal in making informed choices. The type of paint used is paramount; certain formulations prove hardier than others, resisting the effects of weather and traffic. 

The nature of the road surface also plays a role, with different materials interacting differently with various paints. Local weather conditions act as a silent adversary, with extreme temperatures and precipitation challenging the resilience of road markings every day. 

Additionally, the traffic volume on a road determines the wear and tear the markings endure, impacting their overall longevity.

Materials that endure

Some of the most popular road marking paint materials, chosen for their longevity are thermoplastics and cold plastics.

Thermoplastic line markings, in particular, exhibit exceptional durability, with the added benefit of being highly reflective for enhanced visibility. Thermoplastic line markings typically come in the form of rolls of tape or various shapes, such as a pedestrian, which are then heat applied to the road surface. They’re widely used in small-scale road marking schemes, car park markings and public recreational areas.

Cold plastic road paint, on the other hand, offers a robust alternative to traditional paint form, excelling in longevity and weather resistance.

A widely-used example is MMA cold plastic paint - a two-component line marking paint that’s quick drying and extremely durable and used in car parks, roads, walkways and other high-traffic areas.

Whatever line marking paints you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the best quality at the best price right here at Lineway UK. Shop our range of line marking paints here


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