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National Highways seeks public input on future road investment strategy

National Highways has launched a new online tool designed to gather public feedback on future road investment.

Developed as part of their engagement process for Route Strategies, the tool will help capture public feedback to share with local government and transport authorities.

Road users and those living near England’s motorways and major A roads will be able to give their views on where investment is most needed, which will be combined with other stakeholder feedback to inform future recommendations and investment planning as part of the Department for Transport’s future Road Investment Strategies report 20205-2030.

Executive director of strategy and planning, Elliot Shaw, commented that: “At National Highways we are constantly challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve the experience of those who use our roads and the communities who live nearby.

“The new easy-to-use online tool provides everyone from commuters, professional road users, nearby residents and community groups to comment.”

Shaw concluded: “I urge you to provide feedback on what is important to you – a specific location on England’s motorways or major A roads, a longer route or general feedback about our road network. This is your opportunity to help inform the long-term vision for the future of our roads.”

If you would like to get involved, the online tool is available here and will be open for feedback until the end of November this year.


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