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'Minimal disruption & a happy client' - Lineway's paint in action at East Midlands Airport

Earlier this month, one of our line painting contractor clients completed a project at East Midlands Airport and were more than impressed with Lineway's line marking paint.

The project, repainting the kerbs around the airport, was completed quickly and with minimal disruption - something which airport management was particularly happy with!

"We are very pleased with Lineway's acrylic paint. It is competitively priced, has excellent coverage and is fast drying - meaning minimal disruption at a busy airport and a happy client."

Our solvent-based acrylic line marking paint is available in various colours, is kinder to the environment than some other line marking products, and is very quick drying.

If you have a car park, warehouse or distribution centre that needs a quick line marking refresh, then shop our acrylic line marking paint here.


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