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Lineway UK joins the Local Council Roads Innovation Group

Lineway UK has joined the Local Council Roads Innovation Group, or LCRIG, as a new Associate Member.

LCRIG is a platform that enables its membership community to participate in the continuous improvement of local roads. 

The group’s mission is centred around collaboration, innovation skills, and a dedicated commitment to decarbonisation in the highways sector. The aim of the group is to act as a vital link between central and local government, the supply chain, and the wider highways community. 

Lineway joining the LCRIG is a key step as we continue to raise awareness for LuminoKrom, our world-leading glow-in-the-dark line marking paint. 

Ash Kejriwal, Director of Lineway, said: “Lineway UK has recently become the sole distributor of LuminoKrom in the UK, a patented ‘glow-in-the-dark’ road marking paint. We would like to market this paint to the local authorities to; firstly and importantly, improve health and safety and significantly reduce costs and environmental impact to achieve the emission goals, compared to installing street lighting. 

“We also would like to offer excellent value for money for our other road marking materials for authorities that are interested in cost-cutting.”

Learn more about the LCRIG and Lineway UK becoming a member here

Discover more about our world-leading photoluminescent line marking paint here.


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