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  • Arthur Wilson

Faltering supply of raw materials halting line marking projects in Canada

The ongoing pandemic has affected huge swathes of the economy with shipping delays and lockdown measures seeing the supply of products and materials struggle to meet demand. And the road marking industry has been caught up in the same disruption - especially in Canada.

The city of Orillia in Ontario has seen line marking projects paused as contractors have been unable to purchase the specialised paints required to carry out the job due to a shortage.

The cause? The pandemic was one factor, as well as damage to supplier’s factories following heavier-than-usual winter storms. The combined outcome is a shortage of raw materials to create road paint.

This shortage will see huge delays to the city’s annual road line painting program, with Mayor Steve Clarke commenting that: “This road paint supply shortage is another example of the negative effects the pandemic has had on so many different industries.

“On top of the pandemic, severe weather earlier this year in areas like Texas has seriously impacted supplies. City staff have been in contact with direct suppliers and unfortunately, it’s an industry-wide issue that we are dealing with.”

Here in the UK, no such shortages have been reported, with Highways England just today announcing a new £200m+ project road improvement project in the East of England.


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