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Snow this Christmas? Don’t make this £60 mistake

Everyone who celebrates Christmas often dream of a white Christmas. But whilst it may look pretty and be befitting of the festive season, it could land you a £60 fine when you set off to visit the family with a boot full of gifts!

This is because drivers are being caught with snow-covered cars whilst driving on public roads.

Rule 229 of the Highway Code states that drivers must ‘remove all snow that might fall off into the path of other road users’.

If you are spotted driving with snow on your roof, you can be fined £60 and even get three penalty points added to your license.

And it’s not just snow on the roof that can cause issues.

Police have been on a crackdown this year to catch drivers who haven’t fully cleared their windscreens of snow as well. One driver in Oxford made the news by wiping only a tiny hole in the snow on his windscreen, with police urging the public to ‘please don’t make the same mistake as this driver who has just been issued with a ticket for driving a vehicle’ in poor condition.

Three things to remember next time you need to make a journey after heavy snowfall:

  • Snow on your car can result in a £60 fine

  • If that snow falls from your car whilst driving, you could be fined £100

  • If the police deem the car’s snow coverage to be deemed dangerous, you could end up in court with a fine of up to £5,000.

So, stay safe this festive season and take those few minutes to check your car is roadworthy before setting off.


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