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Shrinkflation-busting line marking paint

“Your paint is like double the savings - the tins are bigger and you’re more competitive than most already”

Those are the words of a great customer of ours a few weeks ago.

Great value, and lots of it! We call that The Lineway Difference.

We’ve all noticed shrinkflation across most industries as the cost of doing business rises. We better not name them, but those chocolate bars and crisp brands that used to be a decent mid-afternoon snack are now little more than an appetiser 😠

Well, we don’t do things by half at Lineway, and we’re not cutting back on the amount of market-leading line marking paint we sell either!

More paint, At lower prices,

Than you’d get anywhere else.

If you’ve not bought from us before, then take a look at our line marking paint range here.

Existing customer and need to stock-up before the upcoming pre-winter jobs rush? Then just give us call.

Speak soon!

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