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Lineway UK becomes sole UK supplier of leading glow-in-the-dark line marking paint

Lineway UK is delighted to announce it has become the sole UK supplier and installer of LuminoKrom, a patented glow-in-the-dark line marking paint. 

LuminoKrom is a patented, photoluminescent line marking paint that has more than six years of proven experience with the technology achieving a 10-hour glow. The paint has been successfully deployed across several countries including France, Belgium, Canada, Senegal, Nigeria and Switzerland. 

The glow-in-the-dark line marking paint is ideal for a range of applications where street lighting isn’t available or non-viable, including cycleways, walkways, facilities and roads. It provides up to 10 hours of glow time and is visible in the dark from more than 80m away, allowing cars, cyclists and pedestrians to better orient themselves at night. 

The paint works through a natural phenomenon called photoluminescence which exploits the venerable energy of solar radiation, allowing the paint to store surrounding light during the day and return it in the form of diffused luminosity at night - without the need for electricity or producing any CO2 emissions. This physical process allows the photoluminescent paint to recharge indefinitely in daylight or artificial lighting night after night without starting to fade. 

The main benefits of LuminoKrom include: 

- 10 hour glow

- Anti-slip properties

- Successfully tested to EN 1436:2018 road marking specifications

- Reduce costs compared to installing streetlights

- Low environmental impact

- Increases safety compared to normal line marking

- Paint is charged as long as there is light in the day, even with cloud cover/rain. 

- Can be applied to asphalt or concrete

Lineway UK will be working with councils and facilities management companies to look to introduce the technology across critical pedestrian and roadways in the coming months. Currently, the paint is being trialled at a brewery in a UK-first for the technology. 

Ash Kejriwal, Director of Lineway UK, commented, "This is a really exciting time for Lineway UK and we’re looking forward to spreading the awareness of this incredible technology. 

“There are hundreds of viable applications for long-lasting glow-in-the-dark line marking paint in dimly-lit areas, including for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

“The technology has already shown its viability across Europe, North America and Africa, and we’re looking forward to speaking with councils and other interested organisations to see the paint implemented here.”

Interested organisations looking to trial or install LuminoKrom in the UK can contact the Lineway team here


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